Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crazy McCray-Cray

Yesterday night, Claire and I went to the nearby small city of Salt to have iftar with some more relatives of our very social family. First of all, the ride in was beautiful - we rolled into Salt with host siblings Khalid and Rawan just in time to watch the sun dip below the horizon, and the city itself is situated on hillsides that overlook the lights of the houses opposite as well as the desert. It reminded me of similar places in Italy, instead that except of the ocean, you've got the desert. Anyway, we entered the house of our host father's brother to discover that he was the same Crazy that we had met a few days earlier when he came here for iftar. Let's just put it this way - this man is legit insane. Here's an example of one of our conversations:

Claire or me: "Al-salaam aleikum!"
Crazy McCrazy: *unintelligible babbling* Yes. Yes. Good. America.
Claire: "Keifak?" (how are you?)
Crazy: "Alhamdulillahi alhamdullilahi. You. Learn. Arabic?"
Claire: "Aywa" (yes)
Crazy: I. (points at self). Arabic. English. German. Turkish. (starts making insane hand gestures and sputtering)

And so on. Iftar was, as usual, delicious, and with the rest of the family stifling as much laughter as us at the crazy uncle. He's been to visit us a few times since, with just as much sputtering and hilarity.

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